We focus on saving you money on your heating and cooling costs


Our Team

Your local family run business including Dave, Nate, and Renee Curtis

Our Story

It began with an idea that we could create a business that would not only enable homeowners and business owners to reduce oil, wood, and gas consumption; but, also reduce their carbon footprint on our environment.  We were excited to share our expertise of Heat Pumps and how they could become a source of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer at a very economical price.

Dave Curtis

David is the original owner of Dave’s Mechanical Maintenance, Inc. which began as a dream over 10 years ago. With over thirty-five years experience as an HVAC Technician for large commercial companies, Dave holds several HVAC and Electrical licenses.  Dave has several years of experience installing and maintaining heat pumps in the residential and business sectors. He prides himself not only in the clean, masterful work that he does; but, also in being a husband, father, and grandfather.


Nate Curtis

A family man and proud Mainer: Nate has a degree in Environmental Science from Suffolk University and is also seasoned in the installation and service of heat pumps. EPA certified, Nate can tell you all about the savings you and your family will enjoy, while lessening your carbon footprint on our Earth.

Renee Curtis

Office support staff: Renee works behind the scenes in the operation of the family business, attending to most clerical work. She prides herself in over 20 years of teaching and the fact that she is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

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